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Ethiopian-American meadmaker’s book won 2015 Gourmand Awards


The 2015 Gourmand International World Cookbook Awards declared The Honey Wine Company as the winner for the “Best Drinks History” category in the United States.

ebook_front_HIGHThe San Fransisco based meadery won the award for its 2013 publication, “The Celebrated Story of Honey Wine”. The 47-page illustrated book recounts the recorded history of the honey wine (or t’ej as it is known in Ethiopia).

“…We [the publishers] intend to show you how sun-kissed honey wine is the modern, sustainable alternative to beer and grape wine,” reads the book’s introduction page.

Ayele Solomon, the founder of The Honey Wine Company, hails from Ethiopia and currently works as a conservationist in California.

“I come from the country that drinks over 95% of global honey wine, but I partly grew up in the USA, which is undergoing the biggest commercial honey wine revival in the world,” says Solomon.

“Even so, most people here have never heard of honey wine, much less tasted it. So I wanted people to know about its history, how it tastes and pairs with food, how it is made and what the environmental issues are”.

Sometimes described as the “Oscars of food awards in Paris”, the Gourmand Awards celebrate global cookbook and wine book publishing, and feature many world renowned chefs each year.

The award for The Honey Wine Company will also automatically nominate its publication for the global championships in Yantai, China in June 2015.

BeeDvine_DemiSec_3L_LOW“It’s exciting to receive the Gourmand award,” says Solomon, “and it’s an honor to be among the company of previous books who won this award.” Prior winners include, “The Drunken Botanist (2014)” and “Inventing Wine: History of One of the World’s Most Ancient Pleasures (2013)”.

This is just one of the several awards The Honey Wine Company received since it launched its Bee D’vine honey wines last year. Among which includes, Gold Medal & Best in Class in the 2014 International Women’s Wine Competition and Silver and Bronze Medals in the 2014 World Wine Championships Packaging Competition for its Demi Sec Paper label.

Source: company’s press release

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